Free Support for SMEs

Fully funded Support for London SMEs

An initiative for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) from Global Action Plan.

Global Action Plan is an independent environmental charity which has been helping businesses reduce their environmental footprint for over a decade. Since our ground-breaking report An Inefficient Truth we have been active in green ICT.

Our programme of SME support, co-financed by the European Union, is designed to identify potential areas of financial and environmental savings for your business.

Green ICT

Global Action Plan's Green ICT Team run regular Workshops and give your business a minimum of 12 hours of funded ICT support, see calendar for dates.

We bring all the tools and knowledge, giving your business:

  • Understanding of your ICT energy costs
  • Understanding of the environmental costs of your ICT
  • Case studies of businesses who successfully implemented Green ICT programmes
  • Our Green ICT handbook
  • A firm step towards an Environmental Management System such as ISO14001
  • A workshop to educate and engage staff on Green ICT Enterprises

What do you need to do?

Book online to attend a workshop.

To optimise the impact of our green ICT support, your business may provide:

  • An employee to lead the programme internally
  • Access to procurement statistics such as energy bills, paper usage, and procurement numbers
  • Numbers and models of their ICT equipment - we will get you started on this during the initial trip "walk-around" with a Green ICT Business Advisor
  • Staff ICT equipment usage patterns - Our Green ICT Business Advisor will offer advice and tools an ascertaining this
  • If the business decides to work on an employee engagement programme beyond the ICT department, a Green Team of volunteers to assist with creating materials to educate their fellow workers.

Am I eligible?

The programme is fully funded for any Small or Medium Enterprise in London with less than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than 50 million Euros. If you don't fit within the requirements for free support but would still be interested in the programme, get in touch.

For more Information

Contact us for more information or to sign up for our free support or workshops introducing the programme.

Contact us : complete online form

Phone : 020 7420 4444

This project is part financed by the GLA’s ERDF Programme 2007-13, securing £355,463 European Union funding.