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David Morley Architects

About business:

David Morley Architects - London 2012 Water Polo Arena
David Morley established David Morley Architects in 1987 after working for 12 years with Sir Norman Foster as a director of the UK and French companies. The practice is currently 50 strong, with a dynamic and energetic team of highly skilled, highly committed individuals.

Their projects currently cover contract values between £100,000 to over £100,000,000. Their work is well received by our clients, peers and building users, receiving many awards.

Services offered include:

  • Master Planning
  • Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • Project Management/Lead Consultant
  • Contract Administration
  • 3-D Visualisation and Communications
  • Interior Design
  • Space Planning
  • BREEAM / Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment

What successes has Global Action Plan's ERDF project helped your business achieve:

"Since David Morley Architects signed up to GAP’s Green ICT programme in 2012 everyday energy saving actions have been incorporated into the office Golden Rules. These include simple tasks which all staff are responsible for on a daily basis including switching of lights, computers and monitors when not in use. The Golden Rules are monitored on a weekly basis and contribute to the office achieving continual progress as part of our ISO 14001 obligations.

The programme encouraged the office Green Group to undertake an IT audit of electrical equipment in the office. The audit allowed us to prioritise energy saving strategies. For example new computer monitors were found to be very energy efficient in sleep mode compared to when switched off, so the Green Group have focused on larger energy savings such as making the default printing black & white and drawing up plans to install motion-sensor lights in the new bathroom fit-out. 

2012 will represent a benchmark year for the practice. The year’s data will be analysed and targets set to improve upon for the following years. The GAP Green ICT Handbook and Carbon Tracker will continue to be used to help us lower our carbon footprint and reduce energy consumed within the office environment."

Camilla Morley
Environmental Development Consultant, David Morley Architects, London

From these actions they have reduced their annual carbon dioxide emissions by around 10.6 tonnes CO₂e with an estimated cost saving of over £1,200.

Key targets achieved to date:

10.6 tonnes CO2e saved annually

Achieved ISO 14001 certification

Good Practice Identified:

  • Switched equipment off when not in use.
  • Turned their heating down.
  • Reduced their paper use by 310 kg a year.
  • Switched to recycled paper.
  • Increased their recycling by 7 tonnes a year.

Testimonial / Case Study submission date: 

    18th December 2012

Project name and objectives:
The ERDF funded project - Environmental Savings through ICT (Green ICT) is a Global Action Plan - UK initiative to assist 122 SMEs in London increase their economic performance and reduce a total of 100 tonnes of CO2. The project is part financed by the GLA's ERDF Programme 2007-13. The aim of the project is to help small and medium sized businesses to implement IT solutions to help them manage and reduce their environmental impact while optimising business growth.

Project contact details:

Senior Programme Manager: Conrad Healy
Tel: 020 7420 4444