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Noble Sleek

About business:

Noble Sleek is a Sleek is a high fashion brand based in Hainault, Essex who offer an extensive range of quality human and synthetic hair. They took part in the Practical GreenICT Programme in March 2012.

What successes has Global Action Plan's ERDF project helped your business achieve:

Sleek will be switching from Microsoft Exchange Server to Google Apps over the next few months, transferring about 30GB of data to cloud computing. They hope to benefit from better file sharing, reduced server use, more secure data back-ups and better document management. They plan to encourage more online working which will save paper from printing and staff travel.

"Google Apps is a very useful tool for a business like ours. For us it is the best form of file sharing and online document management and will address some of the issues we have with our current system. The workshop delivered by Global Action Plan was extremely useful and the trainer was very knowledgeable. It has changed my view on cloud computing and we will definitely implement Google Apps in our business."

Sheikh Sufian, IT Officer, Noble Sleek, Redbridge

From these actions they have reduced their annual carbon dioxide emissions by around 7.9 tonnes CO₂e with an estimated cost saving of over £780.

Key targets achieved to date:

7.9 tonnes CO2e saved annually

Good Practice Identified:

  • Switched equipment off when not in use.
  • Switched off one server.
  • Moved 30 users over to Google mail.
  • Reduced their paper use by 210 kg a year.
  • Switched to recycled paper.
  • Increased their recycling by 2 tonnes a year.

Testimonial / Case Study submission date: 

    26th March 2012

Project name and objectives:

The ERDF funded project - Environmental Savings through ICT (Green ICT) is a Global Action Plan - UK initiative to assist 122 SMEs in London increase their economic performance and reduce a total of 100 tonnes of CO2. The project is part financed by the GLA's ERDF Programme 2007-13. The aim of the project is to help small and medium sized businesses to implement IT solutions to help them manage and reduce their environmental impact while optimising business growth.

Project contact details:

Senior Programme Manager: Conrad Healy
Tel: 020 7420 4444