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Olley's Fish Experience

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About business:

Olley's Fish Experience is an eat-in and take-away fish restaurant in the heart of Herne Hill, specialising in sustainably sourced fish.

What successes has Global Action Plan's ERDF project helped your business achieve:

Even though we have not yet fully embraced the many of the applications of cloud computing, we are definitely going to be using these more and more, in particular the Google docs, for their ease of sharing and editing. I can see this will help me work remotely a lot more and therefore reduce my travel further. The project has brought new technology ideas into the business and has helped promote new ideas with staff, contributing to their development also.
"The project has given me a lot of awareness about ICT management issues, and I have learnt things which I didn't think would be relevant for our business. It has taken my blinkers down and I can now see what's possible. I feel I can be a lot more productive and efficient with my time."

Harry Niazi, Owner, Olley's Fish Experience, Lambeth

From these actions they have reduced their annual carbon dioxide emissions by around 1.4 tonnes CO₂e with an estimated cost saving of over £270.

Key targets achieved to date:

1.4 tonnes CO2e saved annually

Good Practice Identified:

  • Moved 6 users over to Google mail.
  • Reduced the amount of car mileage carried out for business purposes.
  • Turned their heating down.
  • Fitted water saving devices in their toilets, resulting in an annual water saving of 11,700 litres.
  • Reduced their paper use by 60 kg a year.

Testimonial / Case Study submission date: 

    25th July 2012

Project name and objectives:

The ERDF funded project - Environmental Savings through ICT (Green ICT) is a Global Action Plan - UK initiative to assist 122 SMEs in London increase their economic performance and reduce a total of 100 tonnes of CO2. The project is part financed by the GLA's ERDF Programme 2007-13. The aim of the project is to help small and medium sized businesses to implement IT solutions to help them manage and reduce their environmental impact while optimising business growth.

Project contact details:

Senior Programme Manager: Conrad Healy
Tel: 020 7420 4444